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Currently the situation of your LED street lamps

2015-09-07 23:24:01

Together with the improvement of lighting technology, the growth of high power LED street lamp is incredibly quickly. During the sensible application, it not simply reflects the benefits, but in addition exposes the problems. We are going to be four LED street lamp makers merchandise were discipline trial, along with the intensity of illumination, uniformity check, now the actual operation problem plus the high-voltage sodium lamp are compared, and introduce the principle existing problem of LED street lamp is composed of the plurality of LED light sources, LED light supply plus a strong directional properties, however the light source with the projection distance is limited, leading to lamp light, amongst the two lights dark, uniform illumination on the poor phenomenon.

Some manufacturers of lamps made use of distinctive optical lens secondary light distribution, uniformity has been greatly improved, but you'll find some defects and beam are projected onto the roadway, won't consider into consideration the lamp, the sidewalks, leading to light area fundamentally no illumination, lighting natural environment ratio is bad some LED street light is only the LED light supply is arranged during the conventional lamp reflector to reflect the light emitted by LED light source with the reflector, but following the actual application result is very poor, illumination uniformity degree is extremely very low. The design of this type of lamps and lanterns product isn't totally considered the optical characteristics of LED, as well as the use of the classic street lamps to reduce the price of investigate and development. Seldom see such products have good lighting uniformity. Consequently led light source to truly substitute large stress sodium lamp and come to be greater than large voltage sodium lamp energy-saving green items stays to get in its own light efficiency make improvements to, compensate for lack of light source luminous flux efficiency defects second is definitely the efficiency of LED lamps. Some lamps and lanterns with secondary light distribution of optical lens, other folks make use of the conventional light distribution gadget, various light will drastically impact the lamp with the light efficiency. Also, the IP qualities with the lamps and lanterns efficiency has a specified impact to the efficiency of your LED driver circuit, as outlined by the qualities of LED light supply, the LED driver circuit need to be a continual present traits, in the event the driver circuit layout, drive circuit itself will consume many energy, will make the conversion efficiency of LED light source of lifestyle up to 50000 hours, but LED street lamp is actually a program integration, affecting the daily life of many components, including packaging technological innovation, LED particles mixture mode, cooling mode, electrical power provide, and so forth.. In case the package is just not good, the lamp foot get in touch with is lousy, causing the junction temperature rise, will greatly affect the lamp life on the lamp is used in the style of heat dissipation, so as to raise the heat conduction area. Having said that, the application natural environment of street lighting is usually poor, plus the metal surface corrosion attributable to the large level of heat dissipation, long-term use, the heat dissipation is inevitable to accumulate dust, which will influence the lamp cooling, which leads for the substantial temperature is higher, which leads on the LED street lamp making use of the real lifestyle from the energy supply is composed of several electronic parts, the lifestyle and stability of the power provide. There is a lamp check run two months not to the check, as a result of damage on the drive power and turn off the lights. As a result, the variety of reputable electrical power provide is the important to maintain the trouble.

The influence of LED street lamp has many components, it truly is tough to retain 50000 hrs with no servicing. The light supply and high-pressure sodium lamp lifestyle up to 24000 hrs,hps ballast daily life is far more than 50000 hours. The framework style of LED street lamps are integrated layout, each led lamp damage or power provide failure., but there exists a problem have to be full demolition substitute, upkeep workload, higher expense, and higher stress sodium lamp only have to have to alter a light bulb or ignitor, maintenance function is tiny and minimal expense.