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12 advantages of led floodlight

2015-10-28 16:18:02
The led floodlight is the most widely used light source, and the led flood light is used to illuminate the whole scene. In the scene, we can use the multi lamp, to produce better results. The wide light is the most widely used light source in the landscape, and it can be used in the scene to coordinate with many light sources, so as to better effect. From a special point to the direction of the object to the uniform irradiation of objects, using it to analogy light bulbs and candles, but the best. The universal light can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the range of the camera, or inside the object. It is common to use a wide range of different colors in the scene. These extensive light can be projected and mixed in the model. Because of the wide range of light, it is very easy to predict the irradiation effect of a wide range of light, and the light has many auxiliary uses. For example, the light will be placed near the surface of the object, and the bright light can be generated on the surface of the object.

12 advantages of JAMES led floodlights as below:

1) the optical distribution of light, no glare, no light pollution, strong directional, high uniformity;

2) high power LED chip integrated package;

3) constant voltage constant current drive, stable rectifier, constant voltage constant current drive power supply, instantaneous start, more than 0.95 power factor, high efficiency, safe and reliable;

4) the best integration of the lamp shell heat dissipation function, the appearance design is easy and novel;

5) reflective cover - surface anodic oxidation, and the light source close to the "one", a high efficiency of light;

6) surface treatment: electrostatic spray high temperature resistance, good weather resistance, rich colors;

7) lamp body, high pressure die casting aluminum, compact structure, strong corrosion resistance;

8) reliable silicone rubber seal, high temperature resistant to 150 degrees Celsius, not aging, light body sealing, waterproof and dust;

9) luminous color is rich, has red, green, blue, yellow, white and other colors;

10) with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy die casting shell, good mechanical strength, good heat radiating performance, surface anti corrosion paint processing can be used outdoors;

11) using the light reflective cover with light treatment, there is a wide light and focusing effect can be selected, the effective use of light to achieve the desired effect;

12) power supply wide voltage input 100 240VAC constant voltage, constant current output, high starting speed, no flicker, lightning, with PFC function.