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LED high bay lighting advantages

2015-10-13 16:44:05
LED high bay lighting is a kind of high power LED lighting, the use of a wide range, usually in the warehouse, the spacious compound, freight yard, storage room or is large prison and so on, will use these special lighting, lighting, but its significant advantages obviously, service life long, relatively low energy consumption and a not containing large amounts of radiation and elemental mercury chemicals. At present the use of the most widely used one of the lamps, then we come to give you a brief introduction to the LED industrial and mining lamps different use of the advantages, in the future, we hope to be able to bring some help.
Many energy-saving effect through equal to achieve cooling but after some expert technical guidance, through the chip, then led mining lamp cooling at the surface than ordinary lamp 15 Celsius degrees, is a very good effect in fact, as the LED high bay lighting is the main purpose of like it the lamps, energy-saving effect is the most obvious, the product will use a variety of chip production out of a high power products quality, can be equipped with efficient power supply, so that when it and the brightness of the lamp, can save percentage of 75 percent of energy consumption, so that we will know it in. Because of its special chip, then this product is a long service life, and will guarantee the use of life will be in five hundred thousand hours or so, is one of the reasons why people like.
In addition, LED industrial and mining lamps, green pollution-free, does not contain special chemical substances such as aluminum and workers in the inside, will not cause damage to the body of the user and environmental pollution, etc.. But there are some users who use it to decorate, the effect is good. People will use the appearance of special processing, plus its installation is simple, use will be more extensive and a very significant characteristic is its color is better, for some of the objects in the real color processing effect much better, to the people is also true, thus eliminating the previous lighting bring people of color error, often because of the level of color temperature will directly affect people's psychological and emotional problems.