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Led outdoor lamp to heat

2015-09-06 23:47:43

Outdoor LED lighting fixtures, refers to a kind of exposed in the outdoor lamp types, and outdoor LED display screen is refers to a kind of area is large, there are tens of meters or a few hundred meters long in high brightness, large angle of the sun within the scope of the work lamp types. It has certain waterproof, anti rain and wind, often used in stations, plazas, shopping malls and so on local shell and the radiator design as a whole, which is used to solve the heating problem of LED, this way good, generally used in aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, and good heat conduction of other alloys. The heat air convection cooling and wind cooling and heat pipe cooling, jet cooling and heat dissipation is similar to heat pipe cooling of a, but the structure is more complex.

Choose what kind of cooling way, have a direct impact on the cost of the lamp, should be considered in design, material optimum scheme is important for design of chimney and ancillary products, currently using a transparent organic glass, PC material, the traditional lamp is transparent glass products, will choose what kind of material with the design of the lamp the grade of the product positioning, in general, outdoor lamp shade is the best glass tradition, it is the best choice for high-end manufacturing long-life, lamps and lanterns.

The use of transparent plastic, organic glass and other materials made of shade, indoor lighting lamp for outdoor is good, life is limited, because the outdoor sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, dust, chemical gas, the diurnal temperature variation and other factors make the lamp aging lifetime, followed by the pollution is not easy to clean clean, to reduce the influence of output light shade transparency Led outdoor lamp is an outdoor lighting landscape lighting, with the growing change trend of the development of social economy and people's awareness of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction has become a part of our life in the theme, and the Led lamp can be used widely, because the LED outdoor lights, whether it is from the production of its material or choose from the practical point of view, it has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, not only can effectively save to, and to a certain extent, lamp has the function of beautifying environment.