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How to choose the right energy saving lamps?

2015-10-03 16:36:07

The tips to choose energy saving lamp as follow:

A)look at the packaging. Firstly, packaging and printing should give a person to clean should be marked with the names of production enterprises; secondly, you should buy a CE mark certification and energy efficiency labeling for level 1 or level 2; and finally, to choose the right power, color temperature

B) see bulbs. The appearance of energy-saving lamps should be clean and neat, clear signs; the lamp bulb should be smooth, inside the tube fluorescent powder coating should be evenly without particles, and bent glass and the fluorescent powder layer should not too thin or shedding; hand shake lamp, lamp and lamp shell connection should not loose, the internal should be no abnormal sound; lamp holder and lamp should not be inclined; the threads of the lamp holder should be smooth and tidy, lamp cap solder should be smooth; hard twist the lamp holder and the lamp shell connected should be solid and reliable. The pilot light.
First, the lamp is screwed into the screw out the lamp should be smooth;
Second, on the power, the lamp is close to the plastic shell of the site should not appear, there should be no sound, should not appear flashing phenomenon, that can smooth light;
Third, light after the lamp should not be rolling. High - grade light itself is more dazzling, pure color, low light color is gray. The powder layer of the spiral tube is not due to severe and uneven stripes;
Fourth, turn off the power, the lights should not appear back flash
C), contrasting price. The price of energy-saving lamps and brand, quality, type, power and so on. 10 watts following the U shaped energy-saving lamps prices below 10 yuan, the price of spiral tube energy-saving lamps in the following 2USD, generally low grade products
D), pay attention to power. Public places for the use of energy-saving lamps in large quantities, should buy high power factor of energy-saving lamps.